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Who doesn’t want India to be one of the healthiest and happiest countries? But, sadly the gap between this populist aspiration and the grass root reality is extremely disheartening.

The quality of life in any country can be best gauged by its education and health indicators as they are a clear measure of its progress. Ever since independence, we have achieved reasonable success on health indices, but we still face innumerable and complex challenges. Over the years, we have successfully eradicated many diseases such as polio and tetanus, done reasonably well in the fight against malaria and in halting the spread of HIV, but we are still grappling with major issues as far as lifestyle diseases and wellbeing is concerned.

With modern lifestyles - lack of physical activity, unhealthy food habits, use of tobacco and alcohol and finance-relationship-work-related stress are playing major havoc with the lives of people. The non-communicable diseases - diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases have now become the leading cause of death in India. It is estimated that they are responsible for about 61% of deaths.


Shockingly, a similar trend is being witnessed in rural areas too. The problems associated with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are on the rise too while depression in both the young and old is becoming a major health issue. Lack of proper nutrition, sanitation and poverty are associated with worse health outcomes. We have a huge task in hand.


So, what is the way out?

It’s time we collectively make India ‘Swasth Bharat’ in the coming years. Both the public and the private sector have a huge task on hand as a whole range of issues have to be tackled right from malnutrition to providing an inclusive and affordable healthcare to every citizen. We seriously need to introspect on our shortcomings and chalk out a time-bound roadmap to meet various goals to make India a healthy nation. While campaigns like Swachch Bharat can address unhygienic conditions that are causing various infectious diseases, Ayushman Bharat scheme can provide affordable health cover to millions of Indians.

The fact that we have moved away from nature in modern times is one of the major reasons for various illnesses. Living in harmony with nature and having enough fresh air, sunlight, fresh water and greenery are important for a healthy living. Health experts warn that children who do not spend enough time outdoors are at risk of developing myopia. We need to promote and practice yoga to lead a healthy life. It should become a part of the daily routine from schools to workplaces.

We, at Avastu India, are committed to contribute our wee bit in building Swasth Bharat by creating genomic wellness awareness amongst masses and natural ways of living. Come; join hands with us to create a healthy, happy and successful nation.