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How can a country with massive population of over 130 Crore, with a Diabetic capital of the world tag, dream of becoming a super power nation? Well, there is no rocket science in knowing it is the healthy and fit people that make a healthy nation. However, considering the onset of innumerable lifestyle disorders that are robbing our happiness and pockets, it is time for us to wake up and seriously audit our fitness levels.

Honourable Prime Minister of India, on 28 August 2019 not only made an announcement about the 'Fit India Movement' but also followed it up by launching it during the National Sports Day the very next day. Prime Minister himself observed that the root cause of most of the lifestyle diseases are lifestyle disorders .Also there are many lifestyle diseases that can be overcome by making small changes in our lifestyle.


Yes, it is a matter of fact that the lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension are increasing in India and movements like Fit India must be a household movement, a daily routine. What’s more, the nation will become fit only when each citizen becomes fit. Yes, it is a healthy individual; a healthy family and a healthy society that are the essentials to make New India a Fit India.

It is observed that there is an inevitable co-relation between success and fitness. Success stories of all of our icons from any field of life have a common thread- most of them are fit, focused over fitness and are fond of fitness. However, technology has reduced our physical ability rob us of our daily fitness routines. Today we are unaware of our traditional practises and lifestyle which could keep us fit. With time, fitness has been relegated a lower priority in our society. Earlier a person used to walk or cycle for miles but today mobile apps have to tell us how many steps we walked.

Isn’t it true that people in any profession can be efficient if they are mentally and physical fit? If body is fit, all of us would be mentally and spiritually fit too. Fitness is not just an ordinary word but an essential pillar to a healthy and prosperous life. When we prepare our bodies for battle, we make the country as strong as iron. Fitness is part of our historic legacy. Games and sports are played in every nook and corner of India. While working on the body we also train our mind, increasing focus and coordination of body organs.

We at Avastu India invite you to say goodbye to the predictable lethargy and sprint up to live life to the fullest and experience holistic wellbeing. Through our Genomic Wellness mission, we are committed to inspire every fitness freak to adapt to a gene-based exercise regimen that is based on your genetic makeup.

Come on India…! Let us speedily become Fit India…!