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We, Avastu India Creations have Introduce Genetics Based Predictive ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’. This will be very much helpful for Prevention and Treatment of Various Modern Life-Threatening Lifestyle Diseases using Personalized Gene-Based Diet Plans and Targeted Smart Lifestyle Modifications. Lifetime Genetics Program is a saliva DNA based cutting-edge technology inspired by ‘The Human Genome Project’ of the USA Government from 1990-2003 for comprehensive Predictive Healthcare that has the potential to significantly alter the way health-conscious individuals and families in India take care of their health in a natural way by preventing common / chronic diseases and expensive medical treatments.

Nutrigenomics is an absolutely scientific, research-oriented and proven concept in health care industry that is not just PREVENTIVE in nature but also is PREDICTIVE which is based on individual saliva DNA analysis. The Lifetime Genetic Program involves examining our DNA through saliva sample, the chemical database that carries instructions for all of your body's functions. Here, the human body is read like a book by sophisticated genetic sequencing machines imported from USA and a team of well-qualified and experienced genetic officers accurately predict various risk factors and susceptibility for a number of genetic as well as lifestyle related health conditions. We do not prescribe medicine for our valued patrons but simply recommend altering food habits and making smart lifestyle changes based on the philosophy of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who, 2500 BC years before had advocated “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” philosophy, which is the classical timeless principle of healthy living for human beings.

Our Indian people are expanding at least over 70% of the expenses on their own resources in comparison of other developed countries. So this saliva DNA based predictive testing analysis will reduce the cost burden to the Indian people.

Our service is build for everybody as everyone’s Genes are different, thus everyone has different problems and strength from their Genes. We offer our Life Time Genetics Program (one-year program) which is one time investment for your life time health. This program act as a guide for you by recognizing both your problems and strength. We collect your saliva sample and test it for your 105 Phenotypes. A report will be generated accordingly then our Avastu Genetics Experts will interpret the report findings in a simplified manner and highlight specific findings that can help you make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle according your genes variants. Avastu Genetics Service is build for everybody as everyone’s Genes are different, thus everyone has different problems and strength from their Genes. We also offered 6 Years ‘Genes (phenotype) bank facilities’.

105 Phenotypes tests Includes Nutritional Deficiency Risks, Diabetes &Thyroid Related Risk, Weight Management, Food Intolerance, Immune Health , Kidney Health, DNA damage, Gender Specific Risks, Eye Health , Drug Response ,Cardiac Health, Cancer Risk Blood Disorder Risk ,Gastrointestinal Health, Liver Disease Risk, Neurological Health , Eating Disorder & Addiction Risks , Once you connect with our LGP you will get assistance from Trained Genetics Experts for the next 12 months, to make necessary corrections in your lifestyle till you attain your desired health goal.